Smooth carving with an old-school fishtail shape: the Rocket Mini Cruiser series gives you just the right amount of momentum to navigate crowds and conquer the tightest of turns. Seven layers of maple wood are pressed together in a 22-inch size to give you the sturdiest ride. Maneuver corners or shred on the coast, fly through any terrain at high speed with these rad designs.

C7 Cruiser Motley Series


A distorted collection of all kinds of decks with unique hardware color combinations. Grab and go, one of the many cruiser styles fit for all skate levels. Anywhere from a clear 62mm wheel setup to in-house designs, you’ll find it all in the Motley Mini cruiser series.

C7 Cruiser Fuze Wave Series

Fuze Wave

Fuze together solid decks with wavy swirl wheels and you get FUZE WAVE. A mesh of top-selling colored decks as seen in the Color Blast Mini Cruiser series, now with 62mm marble wheels. Easy to transport and put away, the epic color combinations with a little twist come in a 22-inch mini size.

C7 Cruiser Color Blast Series

Color Blast

Ready for a rad ride? Start off right with the Color Blast mini-cruiser series! Pops of color and pastel hues all wrapped in a 22-inch mini-deck size. This setup includes super grippy 60mm wheels for easy riding all day long. A cult-classic series perfect for all ages.

C7 Cruiser Phantom Series


What makes the Phantom series so rad? It's the barely-there transparent decks. Mix in bright original graphic prints and you got yourself a Phantom cruiser. Ride through the streets in style with soft and grippy 60mm wheels. From colorful mosaic deck designs to bright blue ocean wave illustrations, you’ll find the right ride with this series.