Built on the raw skate culture of the 1970s, Cal 7 was founded as a tribute to Southern California, the birthplace of skateboarding. Legends were born and bred here, bringing with them an unrivaled defiance and passion. What followed was a mania, a war between the mainstream and the extreme — but skateboarding persisted against all odds.

With pure, original skateboarding as its foundation, Cal 7 fuses that old school passion with modern creativity and inclusivity. We envision a revival where skaters of every community and culture are united by a devotion to skateboarding, where our common ground acts as a haven for the outsiders and the misfits.

Every Cal 7 product is designed as a synergy of old school roots and contemporary innovation. In our manufacturing and design processes, we are constantly aiming to break boundaries, push back against expectations and build solidarity in the one thing that binds us together — a passion for skateboarding.

Established in Southern California

BORN AND RAISED IN SOCAL to create the best boards for our riders worldwide! With Cal 7 skateboards and accessories, you’re getting custom designs, customer service, warehouse fulfillment and shipping straight out of California and directly to your doorstep.